2019-02-15 Views from Tanzania on Technology Options

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Discussion Points

Front (Material-ui, React & Redux, JavaScript )

Material UI is widely used.

Back (Django / Python <> Java)

University students come with Java & Python

NHIF staff uses C#

Python & Django don't need recompilation like Java (good for frequent updates)

Database (SQL-Server <> Postgres <> FHIR DB)

SQL Server is being used already, licensing part is not to expensive.

DBMS independent back end is favourable.

What would be the gain of using a FHIR server instead an RDBMS?

APIs need to be HL7 anyway, but a FHIR DB would not require RDBMS to FHIR transformations.

Containers (Docker)

Airflow for Monitoring of Batch processes

Mobile Application

was not mentioned up to now:

  • Native application development (code for each device type)

  • Hybrid application (code once - use on different device type)

  • Progressive Web Application (Web based version)

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