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Work Items

Release 2022-10 / Completely mark off all todos on
Collecting (writing) documentation
Insuree batch
Insuree self registration (from Nepal)
Add epics and include features/fixes on release page
Quick check sandbox
Include logo on the wikipedia page (what copyright shall we use?)
Installation Guide (IG):
Move all relevant content under “Installation Guide” (Remove redundancy)
Lower the complexity (number of pages)
Separate installation guide of legacy content
Separate installation guide of localization / customization
Simplify navigation needs a description and a link to the (details of the) IG
Harmonize instructions in the IG, and on GitHub
STPH: Do Post-Release of Release 2022-10
STPH: Installation Guide (Video) / One-Click-Install / Step-by-Step-Instructions
Merge existing YT playlists openIMIS Installation and Country Localization Session 1 +2
is called “Legacy openIMIS Web Application installation tutorials” on
is called “Legacy openIMIS Web Application customisation tutorials” on
is used on and
is used on and and
Playlists can’t simply be merged but will need to be reorganized (separate legacy content from the rest)
French version of Docker Installation Guide
Update to focus on “Modular” (put “Legacy” at the end)
Add further services to

Talking Points Installation Guide

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