Documentation Taskforce (Release)



Work Items

STPH: Document list of steps aligned to phases on into and restructure the checklist accordingly
Necessary steps for “Preparation and Deployment” are documented and up-to-date (deliverables, pull-requests, version control & tagging, package manager, testing, staging, configuration, update release documentation, update architecture documentation, update sandbox landscape, etc)
STPH: Lead discussion of version management → Developer Committee
STPH: Archive Wiki-Release notes and update columns in Sources Table
Every component needs to have a link to the related latest release on GitHub in the field “Version / Release Notes”
Every component should have a link to the related package manager in the field “Package Manager”
If every component of a sub table has a valid entry in “Version / Release Notes” that points towards release notes in GitHub, the column “Release Notes” can be deleted
STPH: Installation Guide (Video) / One-Click-Install / Step-by-Step-Instructions
STPH: Review Findings in and fix if possible
Get an overview of Youtube-Content (up2date? helpful? misleading?)


How do we keep the version (link) of every component in in sync with every component’s “Release notes” page (e.g. as well as with what is actually in the repository?
How can we define “Epics” that represent better the added value (see mismatch between Epics and Highlights)?

Future Improvements

Dedicated page for each module under (with Page Properties, descriptions/basic explaination, version history - Based on release notes pages?)
Clarify wording module / component / repository - Define and document for example “Claim AI” from different perspectives - “Claim AI” Module contains the Components “Claim AI BE” and “Claim AI FE” “?
openIMIS Feature: One-Click-Installation with selection of modules instead of installing components one by one / Define Standard-Installation
Rethink grouping of Components on according to Modules ->
Include repository info instead of redundancy (and info gaps) between and repositories on GitHub (PlugIn?)
Clarify usage of and with GitHub (calcrule links to GitHub, others to PyPi)
Update Installation Guides (Docker and Non-Docker)
Dependency Graph for modules / consistent dependency information in
Consider “Legacy” modules as “Deprecated” on Reevaluate redundant information in “Highlights” and “Release Notes”
Clarify wording redundancy “openIMIS …” for components, modules, wiki pages, etc.