Documentation Taskforce



Work Items

Release 2022-10 / Completely mark off all todos on
Collecting (writing) documentation
Insuree batch
Insuree self registration (from Nepal)
Add epics and include features/fixes on release page
Quick check sandbox
Include logo on the wikipedia page (what copyright shall we use?)
Installation Guide (IG):
Move all relevant content under “Installation Guide” (Remove redundancy)
Lower the complexity (number of pages)
Separate installation guide of legacy content
Separate installation guide of localization / customization
Simplify navigation needs a description and a link to the (details of the) IG
Harmonize instructions in the IG, and on GitHub
STPH: Do Post-Release of Release 2022-10
STPH: Installation Guide (Video) / One-Click-Install / Step-by-Step-Instructions
Merge existing YT playlists openIMIS Installation and Country Localization Session 1 +2
French version of Docker Installation Guide
Update to focus on “Modular” (put “Legacy” at the end)
Rewire/reembedd youtube content for modular installation
UpdateTimeRobot Notifications on discord → Demo-Server
Others (Dev, Release, etc.) needed?

Talking Points Installation Guide

Docker Installation Video is not embedded in the IG
Define Requirements of the IG
Is Simple and complete - Can be followed without knowing the tools
Is fully documented on one platform (Wiki) and free of redundancies
Works (= is tested) in all supported scenarios (e.g. platforms, OS version, databases)
Installation with Docker
Version update guide
Version upgrade guide Legacy → Modular / MS SQL → PostgreSQL (DeepDive)
Focus on standard installation (Linux (Debian-based) 64-bit, (specific version with LTS), PostgreSQL)
Community Installation Blog with individual installation experiences (Maybe as part of in
Windows etc.
Multi-OS (Windows, Linux, 32/64 Bit, including a reasonable range of versions) capable
Multi-DB (MS SQL, PostgreSQL) capable
Multilanguage capable
Minimum Requirements are documented
Legacy Installation Guide is exluded and/or archived
Future outlook of deployment / installations

Future Improvements

Dedicated page for each module under (with Page Properties, descriptions/basic explanation, version history - Based on release notes pages?)
Clarify wording module / component / repository - Define and document for example “Claim AI” from different perspectives - “Claim AI” Module contains the Components “Claim AI BE” and “Claim AI FE” “?
openIMIS Feature: One-Click-Installation with selection of modules instead of installing components one by one / Define Standard-Installation
Rethink grouping of components on according to Modules ->
Update Installation Guides (Docker and Non-Docker)
Dependency Graph for modules / consistent dependency information in
Consider “Legacy” modules as “Deprecated” on Reevaluate redundant information in “Highlights” and “Release Notes”
Clarify wording redundancy “openIMIS …” for components, modules, wiki pages, etc.




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