Checklist for Release 2022-10



Freeze Phase

Inform developer of the freeze
All relevant tickets are assigned to epics
Create release instance using the released components
Define the version number of the modules based on semantic versioning
Create the release branches
Check the Continuous Integration in details
Inform the implementers about the User Acceptance Test (UAT) timeline (Beta version)
Create the release on TestLink (QA server)

Alpha Phase

Perform some basic testing / Developer tests
Claim: create/review/process
Registration: create/update familly/insuree
Enrollment: create policy and contribution
Meta data: create/update location/product/user/role/pricelist/itemslist/servicelist
Make sure defects were fixed by developers Instance and Wiki page are up to date

Beta Phase

Officially announce the start of User Acceptance Tests (UAT)
Check that the release instance use the latest modules
Do User-Acceptance-Testing (UAT)
Add user account on the QA server

RC Phase

Ensure deployability with Docker (Quickstart installation guide / Docker compose)
Update the PyPi, NPM module when code change was done
Check that the release instance use the latest modules
Start collecting the documentation from developers

GA Phase

Merge release branches with main
Create release in GitHub, versioned according to and containing complete release notes (should publish automatically the release on PyPi and NPM)
Update the openimis.json in assemblies main branch to use only official version (not RC)
Update demo server (mark maintenance window on
Mark all tickets in release as “Done” or push to the next release
Check that supports installation of the latest release
All links on the release page and release sources page are working and are helpful; Dates are correct and the status is “GA”
Analyze linked issues as an anonymous user
“Highlights” of the release are written and coherent
All source components link to the correct repository on GitHub, have the correct version, valid release notes and are reasonably named to similar repositories / package manager
Formulate release notes in current release ( and forward it to co-ordination desk for promotion (e.g. newsletter, Twitter)
Check and update the Wikipedia page, that it refers to the latest release (number) and reflects the technical facts of openIMIS correctly


Start preparing the next release immediately after the current release.

Ensure the documentation is up2date
Tutorials on YouTube are up-to-date / not misleading
“Technical Requirements” / reflects latest release
Prepare the next release
Create the relevant epics for the new release (e.g. ) in Jira and add them to the release page
Create the release page (e.g. ) for the following release and make sure it appears correctly on
Define milestones according to the framework in
Create a clean Release Checklist for the next release (e.g.


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