Group work: Digitalisation needs in social protection / Promoting a global good in health and social protection

To develop a better understanding and collect ideas on digital tools in the social protection context and on how to assure the sustainability of these tools, brainstorming along two questions was facilitated on a Miro board.


Group A: Digitalisation needs in social protection

Facilitator: Ralf Radermacher, Head of Sector Programme Social Protection + Global Programme Social Protection Innovation & Learning / GIZ

Question: What gaps do you see in current management information system (MIS) for social protection offerings?

  •  Functional gaps

  • Gaps in standardization

  • Gaps with regards to interoperability


Very relevant and useful inputs on all aspects of management information system requirements for social protection were received during the session. The wide range of needs expressed, from the need for fundamental data models to the linkages with existing open source systems provided the openIMIS team with a lot of ideas on how to provide relevant, useful solutions for digital social protection.

Group B: Promoting a global good in health & social protection

Facilitator: Saurav Bhattarai, Advisor, openIMIS Coordination Desk / GIZ

Question: What are the key aspects to assure sustainability of global goods in health and social protection?

 What and how can openIMIS support the development of more global goods?

  • Sharing experience

  • Raising specific topics for discussions, standards & interoperability

  • Links with principles for digital development


The inputs received during the session provided guidance for the openIMIS initiative to build a better global good in social protection. The inputs reflected the experiences from the health sector (eg. development of HL7-FHIR) as well as the needs from the social protection domain - providing concrete ideas that the initiative can take forward in the coming days.


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