openIMIS use cases beyond health - collaboration with ILO

  • Rodrigo Assumpcao, Social Protection Management Information Systems Expert, Social Protection Department / ILO

Within the ILO the need for a tool to be able to implement all elements of social protection schemes, is a recurrent theme, says Rodrigo Assumpcao. When asked by social protection institutions in partner countries about a recommended tool to manage their schemes (building yourself, buying or implementing existing tool), the ILO stresses the importance of adoption scale and community ‘import’ that go with an IT solution.
With this background, Rodrigo Assumpcao concludes, the collaboration with the openIMIS initiative therefore was very welcome and helps to point partner countries at a potential MIS solution that can improve the management and administration of social protection schemes in the selected countries. Whether or not openIMIS can be eventually deployed in the specific setting, will be assessed in a prior feasibility study (that follows a standardised process).

Joining competencies on policy advise and tool implementation in social protection, presents a win-win-win constellation for the

  • partner country to receive support in identifying and implementing an management information system, fitting their needs and benefiting people in the management of social protection services to them;

  • ILO which beyond policy advise, can offer a practical tool to sustain policy advances in social protection;

  • openIMIS initiative to receive feedback on specific requirements and functionality needs that guide the initiative in customising existing or developing additional software modules.


Further information:

  • Generic Implementation Starter Kit: The starter kit provides resources and structured mechanisms to interested scheme operators to assess the conditions and requirements to deploy openIMIS for health or social protection schemes.

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