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Help to Improve the Software!

What is openIMIS and why should I care?

Being a Global Good, openIMIS develops through the experiences and contributions from these various country implementations, and the knowledge of subject-matter experts worldwide. This exchange of ideas on software, health financing workflows and implementation experiences keeps the community of practice vibrant, functional and provides a purpose for the existence of such a tool. While new implementations will profit from the existing tool and the planned developments, new customizations required for implementation will help make the software better for both existing and future implementations by feeding back improvements.

If you are a developer working on health financing workflows, you won’t have to re-invent the wheel. We would like to welcome you to join the developer's committee and look at what we have done, use or re-use it, build on top of openIMIS and share your expertise and experiences with others. The openIMIS developer's committee will not only benefit your own work but will also allow your own contributions to live on beyond your project scope.

What do I get from joining the openIMIS community?

Profit from joining the openIMIS Community:

  • Earn money! A number of international organisations fund software development for Global Goods. Keep monitoring our Opportunities Page to keep up with new funding opportunities. With a strong community in your back you will also find it easier to discover your own funding opportunities.
  • Upgrade your developer skills! We are constantly monitoring current trends and standards in IT technology to choose the most robust frameworks for the openIMIS core. Learn from others with more experience and profit from a culture of sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Be part of the global eHealth community! The openIMIS Initiative works closely with other international organisations and local governments to integrate and improve existing eHealth infrastructures. Acquire experience in interoperability standards like HL7 FHIR and learn about other Global Goods in the eHealth ecosystem.
  • Get a practical taste of the health financing business! openIMIS comes from the heart of real world health financing scenarios. Given the increasing global importance of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Universal Social Protection (USP), openIMIS has become THE open-source tool for anyone seeking to implement these programmes.
  • Brush up your CV! If you are a student or young professional, you need practical experience to show off your skills to future employers. While we do not provide certificates, your publicly visible code repositories on GitHub or your contributions to this wiki will provide ample proof of your achievements. You can, of course, choose to work under an alias.
  • Have some fun! We are nice people, by the way ...

What do I have to do to join?

There are two options to be part of the crowd:

  • Independent developer:
    You want to code. Perhaps you were contracted to add a feature for a specific health financing organisation. Maybe you are just interested or have a good idea you want to try out and think it would be useful for the community. There is no need to integrate further into the community. Just remember that openIMIS is published under a copy-left license that requests you to feed back your code into the general code base.

     Getting started ...

    Getting started as an independent developer
    • do everything a local openIMIS implementer would do.

    • if you feel that you need to change code for your own purposes or you have a useful contribution to make, download the code from the git hub repositories and start programming away.You might want to follow the technical discussions in the Product Roadmap to see that your ideas are in line with what the Developers Committee is planning to do.

    • If you like what you have done, upload your code and create a pull request to get your code included into the masters version.

  • Member of the Developers Committee:
    Of course we'd like you to stay connected to the community and participate in regular discussions. That would be helpful for your own work, but would also feed new ideas into the community. Be part of the strategic decisions that are shaping the future path of openIMIS!

     Getting started ...

    Getting started as a member of the global openIMIS Developers Committee
    • do everything an independent developer would do.

    • if coding is for you and you want to contribute to the software of openIMIS on a regular basis, you might want to join the Developers Committee. Just contact someone from the committee and ask about the conditions for joining. Actually there arn't any. Be aware though, that currently most of the members are under some sort of a contract with the openIMIS Initiative - kindly respect that they have precise targets which have to be accomplished.

The floor is yours ...

Get in touch

The openIMIS Service Desk gives you a first structured access to openIMIS resources through a very easy user interface. Here you can

Share your Thoughts!

In the openIMIS Service Desk you can get qualified advice from a member of the openIMIS Product Group within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Generally it's a good idea to post any question or suggestion through a formal request as this is easier for us to follow it up.

Contribute your Ideas!

Do you have a good idea for a new feature or an urgent need to adapt an existing feature to the situation in your organisation? In the openIMIS Service Desk you can propose new features to a member of the openIMIS Product Group.

  • Try to explain the background and the use case as precisely as possible in a formal feature request. You can even upload screenshots, drawings or concept papers.

Contribute Quality!

Nobody is perfect - neither is the openIMIS software. In the openIMIS Service Desk you can report bugs to a member of the openIMIS Product Group.

  • Try to explain as precise as possible what you observed and how you got there in a bug report. Try to upload screenshots of the situation. Please do not post data from real people!

Contribute Code!

GitHub Logomark

All our source code is stored in git hub repositories. If you feel that you have a more efficient way of doing things or you have some really nice feature to add, you might want to contribute directly to the code base of openIMIS.

Contribute Documentation!

The official openIMIS documentation is released on in sync with the openIMIS software releases. Documenting software is quite a lot of work. If you are into proof reading or technical writing, you might enjoy contributing directly to the documentation. Native speakers in all available languages are especially needed!

Contribute Translations!

openIMIS can be customized to several languages without any change in the program code. This means that you can create an openIMIS version for your own country in a relatively short time. If there is already a version in your language, you are still invited to participate in proof reading and in the discussions of the best way to name health financing terminology in your language.

Contribute Assistance!

In the openIMIS Service Desk, members of the openIMIS Product Group are on their guard to actively support the community with practical advice and trouble shooting. If you have a bit of experience with the openIMIS software - may it be as a user, implementer or developer, you are most welcome to help out in the front line support.

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