Developer's Concern

Being a Global Good, openIMIS develops through the experiences and contributions from these various country implementations, and the knowledge of subject-matter experts worldwide. This exchange of ideas on software, health financing workflows and implementation experiences keeps the community of practice vibrant, functional and provides a purpose for the existence of such a tool. While new implementations will profit from the existing tool and the planned developments, new customizations required for implementation will help make the software better for both existing and future implementations by feeding back improvements.

If you are a developer working on health financing workflows, you won’t have to re-invent the wheel. We would like to welcome you to join the developer's committee and look at what we have done, use or re-use it, build on top of openIMIS and share your expertise and experiences with others. The openIMIS developer's committee will not only benefit your own work but will also allow your own contributions to live on beyond your project scope.

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