Installation and Country Localisation

This section (including the internal sections) is under construction.

As a live document, the Country Localisation will be updated periodically in order to provide you with the latest information based on the latest developments on openIMIS. Please come back here regularly and check for the latest updates. 

openIMIS platform is composed of different components that allow the user to chose between Web-based and Mobile-based applications. This Country Localisation tutorial has been developed based on this distinction and is composed of: 

Legacy Web Application localisation

Modular Web Application and Services localisation

Mobile Applications localisation

The tutorial is developed as steps to follow to complete the country localisation process. At the end of each page, you will find a navigation bar that will allow you to move between adjacent steps or navigate to the parent level. If you want to move to a different page, please use the Wiki menu on the left of the page. For now, just click Next step to start to localise openIMIS on the Web Application level. 


Precompiled released versions 

Here you will find the finalised version of this tutorial for a given release of openIMIS. 

Legacy openIMIS Installation Guide v1.4.1

Combined documentation

If you search for a printable/downloadable version of this tutorial (all pages in one document), please follow the link. 

Country Localisation (FullPage)

Video tutorials playlists

Legacy openIMIS Web Application installation tutorials
Legacy openIMIS Web Application customisation tutorials

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