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Web Application localisation

WA1. Procure Windows-based Server

WA2. Set up the default openIMIS instance

WA2.1 Database installation

WA2.2 Web Application installation

WA2.3 Windows Services installation

WA3. Localise openIMIS at Web Application's source code level

WA3.1 Escape procedures

WA3.2 Language translation

WA3.3 Deploy the customised Web Application

WA4. Localise openIMIS at the database level

WA4.1 Language selection and translation tables

WA4.2 Control table

WA4.3 IMIS default configuration

WA5. Web Application configuration

WA6. Building of registers

WA6.1 Bulk uploads from Web Application user interface

WA6.2 Use the Database Import Tool

WA6.3 Manual configuration

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