Events 2016/2017

This is an archived list of openIMIS related events in 2016/2017. Current events are in the list of current events.

Past Events   

Past Events   





2017-08-14 to 2017-08-18

DHIS2 Experts Academy, Oslo, Norway

Patrick Ernst (OpenHIMIS Initiative), @Uwe Wahser (GIZ HSP Kenya)

"DHIS2 as Health Insurance MIS - OpenHIMIS Initiative"

2017-03-23 to 2017-03-24

DHIS2 Symposium, Washington DC, USA

@Uwe Wahser (GIZ HSP Kenya), Michael Wario (NHIF Kenya)

"Using DHIS2 as a Business Intelligence Platform for a Health Insurance Provider"

2016-07-04 to 2016-07-06

Inception workshop openHIMIS, Frankfurt, Germany

@Uwe Wahser, @Saurav Bhattarai

Inception phase on a joint initiative towards the development of an open source Health Insurance Management Information System (openHIMIS)

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