Resource requirements

The implementation structure significantly drives the resource requirements for implementing openIMIS. The scale and modalities further impact the costs associated with implementing openIMIS. Some basic guidance on key cost components in terms of supplies, equipment, and capacity development needs are:

  • Office IT Equipment (excluding phones) * no. of insurance schemes

  • Office running costs * no. of insurance schemes

  • Printing of forms: enrolment forms, ID cards (incl. lamination) (1 per each individuals registered in system, claim forms (for claims at health facilities)

  • Mobile phones * (no. of enrolment agents + no. of health facilities)

  • IT maintenance/Software development costs for customization (where applicable)

  • Server related costs (depending on set up - license, hosting charges, security related costs, antivirus)

  • External SMS gateway charges (one time charge for obtaining gateway rights and SMS bundle cost, if applicable)

  • Mobile money payment transaction cost (one time charge for enrolling in mobile money system and transaction costs, if applicable)

  • Capacity development of users and system administrators at various levels

IT Personnel requirements

1. IMIS System administrator


  • Maintain the list of registries in IMIS (Health Facilities, Insurance Products, etc)

  • Support system users with technical issues (Level 1)

  • Track issue resolution

  • Change management (e.g. mobile app deployment and training)

Key qualifications and requirements:

  • Data manipulation with Microsoft office suite (or equivalent) skills

  • Know how in insurance processes 

2. Server administrator


  • Maintain the Linux/Windows Server (OS upgrade, internet access, security aspects)

  • Manage the openIMIS web application (docker containers)

  • Perform web application upgrades

  • Perform PostgreSQL (or MSSQL) database upgrades

  • Perform mobile application configuration's upgrades

Key qualifications and requirements:

  • Bachelor degree

  • Experience in deploying web application and experience with PostgreSQL (or MSSQL Server)    

3. Data entry clerk


  • Extract data from central server for offline clients

  • Upload data to central server from offline clients

  • Promptly enter and manage data (enrolment and claims entry) in the insurance information system

  • Flag inconsistencies in data entry to Manager

  • Cross check renewal lists, missing photos list, inactive and idle policies lists, pending claims lists, etc.

  • Flag inconsistencies with payments in system

  • Coordinate with System Administrator register updates

  • Feedback requesting

  • Generating reports and ensuring data coherence

  • Provide basic troubleshooting for phone components and extracts

  • Basic troubleshooting and user accounts

Key qualifications and requirements:

  • Bachelor degree

  • Very good IT skills

  • Diligence in data control and entry

  • Eager to learn new technology

4. Software developers (optional)


  • Develop new functionalities

  • Fix bugs

Key qualifications and requirements:

  • Bachelor degree

  • For mobile app development: Java, Android SDK

  • For Web App: Python/Django, JavaScript/ReactJS, SQL experience


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