Training resources

Here you will find a number of training resources structured across specific modules that are free to use in order to learn more about openIMIS. Below is a short overview of the modules currently under development:

Module 1: Introduction to openIMIS

Topics to be covered







  • Session 4: Running demos to showcase processes and features (Part 2 - Processes)

    • Enrolment Process

      • Enrolment of Household Head and other dependents/household members, Policy & contributions through web and mobile app

    • Health Service Utilization Process

      • Enquiry of a client using web and mobile app

    • Claims Process

      • Claim entry using web and mobile app, Claims submission & medical review, Batch run

    • Renewal Process

      • Renewal through web and mobile app


Teaching Mode

The module is broken up into the above mentioned sessions. Each session will run for 1 hour on the days mentioned above. The format of each session will be a (virtual) classroom taught part which will be recorded (and placed here) followed by a discussion round (unrecorded). At the end of the three sessions, a case study as an assignment will be provided. All content will be shared here including the video recordings after the session.


Implementation hubs; Medical Students and Medical Teachers part of AeHIN community

Learning Objective

  • Participants gain an understanding of basic health financing concepts and health insurance, the underlying function of openIMIS within this realm

  • In-depth knowledge of processes supported and data captured by openIMIS

Module 2: Setting up and localise the openIMIS platform

Topics to be covered


Teaching Mode

The module is organised as do it yourself video tutorials. Short hands-on videos will be created per component and per step that the user can follow. The videos will be uploaded on openIMIS YouTube channel and a playlist will be created. The videos will as well be included in the respective Wiki pages. After the videos are uploaded on YouTube, Q&A webinars for respective sessions will be organized to allow participants to try out the installation steps themselves and during the respective webinars have the opportunity to clarify their questions. Participants at any point can raise questions through the comments box on the respective Wiki page they are following instructions from, while the Q&A session will offer a face to face opportunity to clarify problems. The Q&A sessions as well will be recorded and added to the YouTube channel, and the Wiki pages will be updated accordingly. 


Development Committee teams, Implementation Hubs

Learning Objectives

  • Participants understand how to install all components of openIMIS

  • Participants learn how to customize openIMIS for an implementation context

Module presentation


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