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openIMIS as a tool in health and social protection 


Jean Brice Tetka, Advisor, openIMIS Coordination Desk / GIZ


openIMIS has been first been used and developed for managing health insurance Tanzania, Cameroon and Nepal. Principally for informal, now also for the formal sector with very core functions that are used in health insurance, incl. on-/offline mobile functionalities. openIMIS has also been used in Cameroon for managing voucher e.g. for maternal care with pregnant women as beneficiaries (for pre- and postnatal visits to health facilities), again with on-/offline functionalities.


Another use case of openIMIS is the one for employment injury insurance in Nepal to register beneficiaries and manage re-imbursement payments to beneficiaries in case of accidents or disability. One of the latest use cases is cash transfer in the Gambia during COVID-19 to respond to the pandemic.


Where is openIMIS used: we have now 10 ongoing implementations (2 x Tanzania/Zanzibar, 3 x Cameroon, 2 x Nepal, Chad, DRC, The Gambia), another 2 implementations starting in Niger and Mauritania and we have discussions open in about 13 countries. In total 8 million people are benefiting from openIMIS in various countries in Africa and Asia.


Overview on openIMIS implementations through the openIMIS coordination desk and implementation partners


In addition to technical support the openIMIS initiative can offer financial support through the Catalytic Implementation Fund (funded by BMZ and SDC). Other partners of the initiative like e.g. Enabel or AFD are funding/managing openIMIS implementations as well.   


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