Session II- Collaboration between digital public goods in social protection

The objective of the panel discussions was to provide a short overview of some of the approaches of existing digital solutions/digital public goods in social protection. The panel which comprised of representatives from the openIMIS initiative, World bank, UNICEF, ILO and the Convergence initiative, reported on the technical features of the respective digital solutions and how interoperability between the digital platforms are inherent for achieving Universal Social Protection.

Session Facilitator

Olivier Praz, Senior Policy Advisor, Global Programme Health / SDC 


  • openIMIS Initiative; Saurav Bhattarai, Advisor, openIMIS Coordination Desk / GIZ

  • CoreMIS; Ubah Thomas Ubah, Social Protection Specialist & Co Team Lead for Core MIS / World Bank

  • HOPE; Alexis Boncenne, Emergency Specialist, Humanitarian Policy Section EMOPS / UNICEF

  • Needs for standards and interoperability for users; Rodrigo Asumpcao, Social Protection MIS Expert, Social Protection Department / ILO

  • Social Protection Convergence Initiative; Anita Mittal, Senior Advisor Digital Social Protection / GIZ

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