Gdynia, Poland

Summary a dynamic IT company delivering high-quality software and innovative solutions. Established in 2009, it offers comprehensive Agile Software Development and IT Consulting services. They have engaged in more than 180 realized projects in more than 20 locations over the globe.




Key Contacts

Project Manager @Dominika Bieńkowska (Deactivated)

  • Introduction:

    • is a dynamic IT company focused on delivering high-quality software and innovative solutions. Established in 2009, it constantly expands. With more than 230 realized projects in more than 20 locations over the globe, we are proud to be an appreciated and trusted partner for our clients.

    • Our mission is to deliver world-changing solutions to become the leading software engineering and Software Development Outsourcing provider.

    • Our approach is a unique mix of a highly experienced development team, client-oriented service and passion for IT. This guarantees projects to be completed on time, with the superior quality and precisely the way client imagined it.

  • Digital IMIS experience

    • Technical project management

    • Software development

    • Systems Integration

    • Review of code submissions and testing

    • Documentation and user guide

  • Key Expertise:

    • Software Development Outsourcing

    • Application Development

    • Mobile & Web Solutions

    • Testing and Quality Assurance

    • Cloud Infrastructure & Hosting Services

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