Community Connect 2021

The openIMIS Community Connect 2021 is a virtual exchange platform for the entire openIMIS community of practice (users, developers, implementers) to come together to discuss ideas around openIMIS.


When? 21 October, 2021

Where? (teams call)




Session and Topic 

Target output  

Session organiser / presenter 





Introduction to Community Connect and virtual tools 

Orientation on objectives and agenda points of the meeting

openIMIS Coordination Desk



Link to the Social Protection Convergence Initiative

Introduction on background, vision and objectives of Convergence Initiative, familiarising both teams / communities - convergence initiative and openIMIS - with each other; define opportunities and expertise to contribute

Convergence Initiative, openIMIS Coordination Desk



Requirements from a MIS to manage formal sector social insurance programmes

Sharing of experiences from social insurance programmes including the intricacies involved in managing Payroll data,

Discussions on what is required for openIMIS to be ready to manage large (e.g. national level) social insurance schemes (e.g. pensions)

ILO, openIMIS Coordination desk







A Monitoring Evaluation and Learning guide of an openIMIS implementation

Brainstorming on developing a guide for assessing the impact for an implementation of openIMIS in a social protection scheme


openIMIS Coordination Desk


Marketing of the openIMIS introductory e-learning course

Providing a look & feel of the openIMIS e-learning course, brainstorming on marketing activities

Swiss TPH, AeHIN, openIMIS Coordination Desk



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