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The Advisory Services Unit (ASU) of the Social Protection department (SOCPRO) of the ILO provides technical support to many countries to conduct the actuarial valuations of their social insurance schemes. For the conduct of these actuarial valuations, sufficient and reliable data from the SSI administrative systems, coherent with the data from the accounting systems are key to produce credible actuarial projections useful for decision making by the stakeholders.

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The administration of social protection schemes, especially long-term social insurance schemes, is The administration of social protection schemes, especially long-term social insurance schemes, is a complex business. Prior to having good databsases and MISs, it first requires a deep understanding of the specificities and peculiarities of each schemes’ rules, regulations and procedures to make sure that contributions and benefits are diligently calculated according to the provisions of the law. This is a prerequisite for developing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that forms the backbone of a MIS. Since many decades, the ILO is supporting governments and social partners for developing the design, legal framework, governance and implementation of social protection schemes, including the setting up of institutions for the administration of these schemes.

SOC/ASU has been is conducting actuarial valuations of social insurance schemes in many countries. Conducting actuarial valuations requires a thorough review of the legal provisions of the schemes as well as administrative procedures in order to project appropriately future income and expenditures of the schemes. SOC/ASU also provides support to social security institutions in establishing and reviewing their investment policies as well as their investment management structures.

Since August 2020, SOC/ASU is now in a position to support governments and social security institutions for the implementation and governance of their database and Management Information Systems. Indeed, in August 2020, a Social Protection MIS Specialist joinded SOC/ASU. This specialist has many years of experience in the governance and implementation of MIS systems in the Social Protection milieu. The focus of his work is in the long term structuring and governance of Data Infrastructure and systems that enable the development and operation of Social Policies.

ILO benefits from a unique position to deliver technically sound and neutral policy advice recognized by all social partners based on an internationally accepted framework of ILO Conventions on social security.

The ILO is trusted as a neutral and technically-competent specialized agency of the United Nations. ILO’s findings and recommendations arising out of technical cooperation advisory services are highly respected in member constituents for providing guidance for national social policy-setting.



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