Gumzo ya mwezi

The monthly chat (kiswaheli: gumzo ya mwezi) will help the developer teams to show-case their achievements to the developers committee and to interested members of the implementers committee. The gumzo is oriented at Scrum review sessions: let's celebrate the achievements of the past month! Find a link to the minutes of past meetings on this page.

The gumzo takes place every first Monday in a month. Normally there are slots for presentations given to each team (10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion). The presentation should cover the follwing points:

  • What did we achieve last month? (could be demo)

  • What do we plan for the next month?

  • Where are pain points and where could the community help?

  • What’s the overall feeling about the project? (e.g. work left compared to time-budget left)

Below are the minutes with the presentations of recent Gumzos:

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