2020-05-28 Meeting: Testing scenarios

Meeting to agree on how to document testing cases for testing new releases of openIMIS.


@Saurav Bhattarai @Patrick Delcroix @Purushottam Sapkota @Fourie, Carl


  • Example test cases available as an attachment to these minutes.

  • Scenario: Function you want to test. It could be a combination of multiple technical functions as well.

  • Document is only to define test. not results

  • Gherkin: https://github.com/openimis/openimis-gherkin

  • Need to document ‘failure cases’: If this is done, the system SHOULD NOT do this. Maybe phase 2

  • Operational qualification: are all the SOPs available in openIMIS?

  • Implementers should also check that the SOPs can be followed by the system? Not only confirm functions, but also confirm processes.