This is a featured collection of the most frequently asked questions regarding the openIMIS software and the openIMIS Initiative. (Click here for more FAQ entries and other knowledge base articles.)

What is openIMIS?

Who can use the software?

How can the software be used?

Is openIMIS free?

What is an implementer?

Implementers are organizations which support scheme operators to install and use openIMIS. They can help to transfer business processes as part of software customization, provide training on use of openIMIS and support the maintenance of the system once it is operational.

What is a scheme operator?

A scheme operator is an agency or institution which uses openIMIS to administer a health financing or social protection scheme. Typical scheme operators include regional or national health funds, a ministry of health or social welfare, a national health insurance board, or a government agency tasked with implementing a cash transfer program.

How much does it cost to implement openIMIS?

What are the additional costs to consider when using openIMIS?

Where is my data collected?

Is my data safe?

Can the software be re-sold?



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