Target Technology Stack

The Target (modular) Architecture foresee 4 main layers: Frontend, Online Backend, Batch Backend and Database.

To facilitate configuration of the various projects environments, the components will are as Docker image:

Docker-compose configuration is also provided, ensuring that simple (demo) installation of openIMIS is easy to setup.

Production installation, have to fine tune the sample setup to match the desired quality of service:

  • add reverse-proxy configuration

  • setup clustered-configuration (e.g. for Online Backend)

  • avoid virtualisation for database tier (there are several good reasons to avoid virtualisation layers for database server...)

Current (01/2020) discussion about fine-grained security in (backend) modules: 

FHIR API Fine-grained security in openIMIS.pdf // FHIR API Fine-grained security in openIMIS.odp

Being isolated from each others, each layer can freely define its technology stack. This also guarantees that change of technology in one layer won't impact the others (as long as communication protocols remain the same).

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