Web Frontend Target Technology Stack

The Frontend Target Technology Stack is in charge to build the user interfaces, to be rendered in user's browsers.

The core technology for this layer is React.

The target solution respects, as much as possible, the Material Design guidelines.

Within React ecosystem, Material Design graphical components are provided by Material-UI library.

openIMIS Internationalization /Localization (i18n) is provided via react-intl, used for within plugins to contribute to global software translation.

The language provided by default is english (key: en).

An additional language pack mechanism is provided that allows to either overwrite default ('en') translations or provide another languages (fr,...).


The desired modularity will be achieved by combining two techniques:


Some Material-UI / React  features are not supported in old browsers versions. The current assumptions (to be refined) is:

IE: 11, Edge >= 14, Firefox >= 52, Chrome >=49, Safari >= 10.

Documentation and Tutorials

Beside the official sites:

  • edx.org eduction platform offers a self-paced online course for React and Redux: 

  • Books:

    • Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications Using React and Redux, by Kirupa Chinnathambi

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