Product Roadmap

The technical roadmap summarises the system's architecture and discusses further development options. It is broadly oriented at the major funding phases of the openIMIS Initiative through and Together with funds from additional sources, software development projects are constantly being looped into the value chain of openIMIS software development. This allows for an agile adoption of the technical roadmap according to upcoming needs.

So far the following funding phases shaped the openIMIS development:



Strategic Themes



2023 - 2026

  • Extended functionality for Universal Social Protection



2020 - 2023

  • Modular migration II

  • Payment layer

  • Formal sector

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Security



2017 - 2020

  • Modular migration I

  • Interoperability


2016 - 2017


Explore the for details on current developments: , , and .

Current Roadmap Discussions

In the following project phases, elements from the roadmap will be discussed on wiki pages and collected for new roadmap versions:


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