Data upload

Benefeciaries can now be added to benefit plans by uploading file (CSV or XLSX). To do so navigate to choosen programme. At the top of Benefiaries list theres “Upload” button. After clicking it appropriate modal should appear.

Choose file button will open file explorer with deafult filter for *.csv files only.


After choosing appropriate file select workflow, user can either upload beneficiaries or update them. If upload is successfull then modal should disppear and beneficiaries should be shown on list.

  • For upload workflow all non existent users from file will be added to beneficiary list

  • For update workflow all users from file will be updated to state from file and current users info will be updated

Example import file:


In order to check history of upload changes, click Upload history button. Modal will appear with full history of updates and uploads.

Columns definition:

  • Workflow - type of choosen workflow (update or upload)

  • Date - date when action was performed

  • Upload type - which entity was uploaded (only beneficiaries for now)

  • Upload source - name of file from which data was uploaded

  • Status - status if upload was successfull or not

  • Errors - field showing if there were any errors, if so error message is shown.

In case of some error appropriate row will be present.


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