• Healthix Solutions is a healthcare technology business based in Kenya, working to enable a vibrant Healthcare Ecosystem in Africa.

  • Vision: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem Players and aid in Analysis-Based Decision Making

OpenIMIS experience

  • Joining and collaborating with the global community that is engaged in healthcare

  • Great opportunity for us to develop services that are in use globally

  • The ability for us to use other opensource tools to deliver the same project

  • Observing deliverable deadlines

  • Systems architecture and InterOperability.


Key expertise

  • Health financing consulting

  • Hospital/ Clinic management systems

  • Open Source Technology e.g. Python.

  • Claims management systems

  • Health Information Interoperability

  • Systems architecture and integration

  • Implementation support

  • Data Warehousing and Analytics.

  • Gateway

  • Payment System including Mobile Money Integration.