Healthix Solutions



Nairobi, Kenya


Healthix Solutions is a healthcare technology business, working to enable a vibrant Healthcare Ecosystem - connecting Patients, Payers, Providers, Pharmaceutical companies, Governments and other stakeholders with a focus to improve patient care.

Healthix platform is a shared exchange - seamless exchange services between all healthcare players in the Healthcare Ecosystem - platform that connects once siloed/stand-alone services into integrated networks.

Our strategy is geared towards Open Source software that makes Technology affordable to all stakeholders. We are nimble and able to adapt our solutions for big and small players.



Project: D1 Formal Sector APIs


  • Healthix Solutions is a healthcare technology business based in Kenya, working to enable a vibrant Healthcare Ecosystem in Africa.

  • Vision: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem Players and aid in Analysis-Based Decision Making

OpenIMIS experience

  • Joining and collaborating with the global community that is engaged in healthcare

  • Great opportunity for us to develop services that are in use globally

  • The ability for us to use other opensource tools to deliver the same project

  • Observing deliverable deadlines

  • Systems architecture and InterOperability.


Key expertise

  • Health financing consulting

  • Hospital/ Clinic management systems

  • Open Source Technology e.g. Python.

  • Claims management systems

  • Health Information Interoperability

  • Systems architecture and integration

  • Implementation support

  • Data Warehousing and Analytics.

  • Gateway

  • Payment System including Mobile Money Integration.


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