Outstanding action items

On this page, action items that still need to be done are listed.
Once done, an action item should be deleted from this page.

4.11.2020 Formal Sector Introduction meeting:

  • Review/planning meeting in two weeks – @Kamil Madej (Deactivated) to schedule it.

4.11.2020 UX/UI Formal Sector meeting:

8.11.2020 Formal Sector Sprint Retrospective 2:

  • @Seweryn Niedzielski to write Unit Tests for models, queries, mutations etc

  • @Rafał Stencel (Deactivated) to check if there is a suitable framework for testing frontend

02.03.2021 Formal Sector Sprint Retrospective 7:

  • @Seweryn Niedzielski to check "Approve" on test server (debug and fix this issue)

  • @Rafał Stencel (Deactivated) to ask Patrick about testing Nepalese configuration

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