Cash Transfers

openIMIS offers a range of functional modules which can be combined into tailored solutions for the delivery of specific social protection schemes. CORE-MIS powered by openIMIS is a versatile solution for social cash transfers which covers the various phases of the Social Protection Delivery Chain (Assess, Enroll, Provide, Manage). It allows the registration of applicants, enrollment in specific programs based on defined criteria, calculation of payment amounts, and reconciliation of payment delivery. The solution also supports the updating of beneficiary information and status (e.g., suspension, graduation), and includes a strong ‘maker-checker' mechanism (i.e. at least two people must be involved for the completion of any transaction) for added security and ease of audit. Dynamic and interactive dashboards can be created and customized from the front end, offering an interactive way to visualize, explore, and analyze data.

Supported processes

The CORE-MIS solution supports the following processes for cash transfer schemes:

  • Registration of individuals

  • Identification of individuals based on available characteristics

  • Registration of payment service providers

  • Benefit (cash) package design

  • Calculation of payments

  • Reconciliation of payments

  • Data analysis



Social Protection Delivery Chain


Current implementations

The Gambia

Further information

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