The Gambia / Cash Transfer

Hella Nijssen / Pixabay

The scheme in context

In 2020 the Government of The Gambia established a cash transfer scheme known as Nafa Quick ('quick benefits') to protect poor households against the economic effects of COVID-related lockdowns. The National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) administered Nafa Quick with funding provided by the World Bank.

Nafa Quick was the largest cash distribution scheme in The Gambia’s history. Within a four-month period, 500,000 people in the country’s poorest districts received cash payments through the scheme.

How the scheme uses openIMIS

Household registration, enrollment and payment processes for Nafa Quick were managed using openIMIS. On the basis of openIMIS, the Gambian software development company 2M Corp designed and developed the registration, enrollment and payment modules of the management information system for Nafa Quick. It also provided technical assistance to NaNA to manage and operate the system. 


Nafa Quick relied on existing data provided by the National Disaster Management Agency of The Gambia, which was imported into openIMIS and cleaned to remove duplicates. The payroll (of beneficiaries and their payments) was sent to Payment Service Providers electronically, through their APIs.

Full project scope

To learn more about the implementation of openIMIS, including the configuration and system set up, visit the wiki page.




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