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  • Once the task with approving payroll is created - status of payroll is changed to 'ONGOING' and the workflow is triggered.

  • Workflow

  • workflow receives the payroll uuid, user uuid and total amount of payroll (aggregated amount of VALIDATE Bills (not Cancelled ones) )

  • 'send_payroll_data_to_adaptor' - here there is a place where implementers can define connections to particular given adaptors gateway. Currently the response is fixed.

  • The endpoint to acknowledge response in openIMIS is called. Moreover payroll status is changed for ‘AWAITING FOR RECONCILIATION' and bills status to 'PAID’


the whole flow in a nutshell on below gif:


Action items

Seweryn Niedzielski extend workflow to process more than one payroll
Seweryn Niedzielski consider asynchronous response from API gateway
Seweryn Niedzielski check if there is possibility to use SOAP on lightning level