Connectivity & theoretical infrastructure required


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OpenIMIS (online version) has an client (the computer) and a server (where openIMIS and its database are installed)


For the server the minimal configuration can be found here :

For the client, a modern internet browser is required, there is no hard drive requirement, for the RAM and CPU,  it depend of the operating system and other parameters.


openIMIS is a modern application using jquery library, this means the initial load for the application can take time on slow internet connection because those library need to be downloaded once

Measured opening time with Google Chome throttling option



First loadnext load
(caching on)
High speed connection (>100M/100M/3ms)~2 seconds~1 second
V-SAT 1M/512k/500ms9-15 seconds2-5 seconds
3G 500k/200k/500ms20-28 seconds4-6 seconds
xDSL 128k/32k/150ms50-60 seconds2-7 seconds
2G without EDGE 40k/20k/1000ms3 min~20 seconds
56k/V92 20k/10k/30ms~5 min~40 seconds

Therefore the"minimal" connection required for openIMIS is 2G-EDGE or a 128kbps connectivity

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