Claim Screens mock-ups [DEPRECATED: development is now completed, please refer to user guide for "real" screenshots]

As proposed during the model screen (re)design session, this page provides a baseline proposal for the new claim screens.

The presentation gives 'the story' (and raises questions)... while the *.zip bundles provide the 'sandboxed' screens.

The screen can actually be shown 'live' via material-ui sandbox.

Sandboxes can be used to show the screens 'live' (how they resize,...)... but also (and certainly) to explore new layouts, use other widgets,...

Sandboxes are NOT production-ready code: the 'real' application will split the components, 'wire' them to real actions,...

Don't pay too much attention on the sandbox code structure (it is all flat!): the only goal is to mock up the screens.