Release 2019-10

Just in time for Christmas, the openIMIS Developer Committee announces the release of the October version of OpenIMIS. Although we clearly missed the deadline, it was worth waiting: the new release contains most of the programming work that was invested into modularising the architecture of openIMIS and opening up the system for interoperability with other eHealth systems. That’s a major breakthrough for the project and we are all happy that we have seen the results operate successfully during a number of hack-a-thons and conferences in the last two months.

Particularly the package includes:

  • The new core of openIMIS that is based on pure open source technologies such as Python/ Django and Javascript/React

  • A rewrite of the claims module with shiny new user interfaces based on Material-ui for beautiful interface design

  • A set of HL7 FHIR APIs (interfaces) that allow other systems (e.g. OpenMRS, BAHMNI, Odoo, DHIS2) to connect to openIMIS for data synchronisation

  • Bug-fixes and performance improvements in the legacy system

Check out the usual links for further information and downloads. Kindly be aware of the service desk as well to report issues that you might experience with the new version:

We wish joyful holidays and a good start into the New Year to everybody, who might be celebrating these events in the next weeks