Modular Migration: Open Issues


On this page we collect migration issues that will still have to be looked at for a full migration to the .


  • Impact: Mobile Apps will not work any more

  • Discussion:

    • C#-part can be re-used, but depend on stored procedures

    • needs to be compiled for .net core per Windows and Linux

    • Mobile App on REST

      • Need new mobile app

    • ePayment on REST

      • migrate APIs to python

    • Interoperability on REST

      • e.g. GOTHOMISs

    • Added to Docker packaging

      • issue with env variables (ex. DB connection string)

      • sharing of files (ex. Insuree pictures)

Custom Modifications

  • Impact: depends, will have to be collected per country by implementation partners

  • push for customizations based on module configuration

Custom Modifications in Nepal

  • a lot of custom functionality

  • wip


Custom Modifications in Tanzania

  • payment layer through REST API

  • capitation payment configuration in Product

  • batch run

    • capitation payment SP

    • batch run SP

Stored Procedures

  • Impact: depends

  • Discussion: need to list remaining stored procedures that will not be migrated

Lock Mechanism

  • will need to be migrated to PostgreSQL?

  • wip

Legacy Offline Mode

  • Impact: none

  • doesn't work in legacy version, not used

MS-SQL Driver in Django

  • Impact: Custom Acces to DB

  • Discussion:

    • wip

    • only a problem as long as s.o. is using MS SQL

    • maybe there are new drivers

Documentation How-To / Best-Practices of Migration