Literature repository

This repository contains literature resources such as reports, scientific articles that you might want to cite in wiki articles. Usually it makes sense to create a page for each resource to avail it to other wiki authors instead of just linking a web-source directly. Partner-organisations keep changing the structure of their repositories which results frequently in broken links on our pages. With a wiki page for each resource, we can repair those links once per resource instead of crawling the whole wiki. In the same sense it also makes sense to store a copy of the resource on the page, if permitted.

You can search from the list below or consult some of the pre-fabricated lists:

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Available Literature Resources

  • Healthy DEvelopments 2020The journey towards a sustainable open source solution for health financing
  • Healthy DEvelopments 2020bEnabling the seamless exchange of health financing data in a growing number of countries.
  • Healthy DEvelopments 2021Building on existing open source management information systems saves reinventing the digital wheel.
  • PATH 2012This report provides a set of practical tools and resources for country decision-makers to employ as they develop national level health insurance information systems. Countries identify their common information technology needs and examine the functional requirements for information systems produced through the application of the collaborative requirements development methodology.
  • PATH 2021Digital Square is committed to supporting adaptable digital health tools that can be used across different countries and contexts. These tools, or global goods, matter because they cut down on fragmentation and duplication,