Background: Standards & Prinicples



To establish openIMIS as a Digital Public Good, the openIMIS Initiative adheres to a variety of standards and actively contributes to the further development of some of these. The following overview lists standards that are currently being applied (“applied”) for the development of openIMIS and others which could also have an influence, but are not yet actively applied (“related“).

A lot of this is influenced from the health sector as openIMIS originated as a health financing tool. However, to meet the emerging need to further establish openIMIS for the management of social protection schemes in general, a second column (“USP“) was added identify relevant standards in the social protection sector.

To keep the list short and compact, only the names of the standards are listed with links pointing to further pages explaining the relevance for openIMIS or to the standards themselves.


Legal standards and principles for the governance of digital systems

Standards on the Business Domain​ Level

Reference models and blue-prints of business processes, objects and actors from scheme operators

openIMIS / UHC


Standards on the Logical Tool Level

Data models and software development standards, including interoperability standards

Standards on the Physical Tool Level

Infrastructure standards for e.g hosting, data transmission, signal processing or data storage.

openIMIS / UHC



  • Mobile Devices​

  • Server Storage​

  • Internet Connectivity​


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