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Digital Square E0 proposal: openIMIS Shelf Readiness


  • Swiss TPH (@Dragos Dobre @Patrick Delcroix @Marco Antonio Guimaraes Pereira

  • SolDevelo (@Kamil Madej @Damian Borowiecki @Seweryn Niedzielski)

  • BlueSquare (@Eric Darchis @Laure Pontis)

Timelines: 08.04.2021 -> 31.12.2021

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The goal of this project is to improve the open-source Insurance Management Information System (openIMIS) interoperability layer for easier and more efficient integration with other health-related systems within OpenHIE (Open Health Information Exchange) architecture, and to allow an efficient installation procedure through enhanced packaging and documentation, and thus, to align the solution with the Instant OpenHIE project and initiative. 


Project Status

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Apr2021MayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecFirst deliverablesSecond deliverablesThird deliverables
openIMIS FHIR Module
Packaging and Installation

1.1 FHIR release four (R4) integration

1.2 FHIR R4 extensions development

1.3 FHIR Authentication and Authorisation

1.4 openIMIS FHIR Quality Assurance

1.5 openIMIS FHIR module documentation

2.1 Docker package improvement

2.2 Developer initialisation script


In July 2022, Dragos Dobre from SwissTPH held a webinar where he gave a detailed overview of the project with a focus on the FHIR module. You can watch the whole presentation here:

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