How to install and use the offline version of openIMIS?

Here is an explanation of how the offline version of openIMIS functions. Keep in mind this only allows data entry on the side of the insurer to submit new enrolments and on the health facility side to submit new claims. All other processes are undertaken on the online installation (eg. claims review, etc.).


  1. The installation manual explains how to install the offline version of Web Application.

  2. There are two versions for offline mode (same as for mobile apps): one for scheme admins for enrolment and one for health facilities to submit their claims.These two offline modes do not work without an online instance of openIMIS that centralises data from all offline instances.

  3. Assuming the offline version of the Web Application will be used on an offline desktop computer (not server), one constraint is that some required Windows features (i.e. IIS web server) require Internet connection to be downloaded and installed initially. An offline installation package that will facilitate the installation of the required features on an offline desktop computer is under works but crucial is to know the Windows versions the scheme offices are using.

  4. Because the offline instance of Web Application is the same application as the online but with different database configuration, the user manual is still valid.

  5. In particular, the offline mode section explains how to use the offline functionalities, especially the synchronisation between online and offline instances.

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