What is Capitation Payment section in the Product page?

This article provides an explanation of the Capitation Payment section in the Product page.


Capitation Payment relates to the use of parameters like performance (no. of visits by insured clients), population/families in catchment area and insured population/families in catchment area in the calculation of the amount to be paid to facilities. Based on business rules higher or lower emphasis can be given to respective parameters by indicating weights. This section allows definition of parameters for a capitation formula used for remuneration of selected levels of health facilities within the insurance product. The report Capitation Payment is used for calculation of the amount of capitation payment for individual health facilities.

For detailed description of each field in the Product page please refer to the manual: https://openimis.readthedocs.io/en/latest/web_app_vb_user_manual.html#product-page

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