What is Distribution in the Product page?

This page describes what the sub section Distribution in the Product page does.


Distribution relates to how you want the total collection of premiums to be distributed towards claims payment across the year. You can select from the list (NONE, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly), the period that is to be used for calculation of the actual value of relative prices for the insurance product. The default value is ‘NONE’ which means that relative prices are not calculated for general health care or for hospital care or non-hospital care within the insurance product. Selecting Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly gives a pop-up with the relative periods (1 period for yearly, 4 for quarterly, 12 for monthly). Percentages can then be entered to indicate the distribution over the periods as per the product description.

For detailed description of each field in the Product page please refer to the manual: https://openimis.readthedocs.io/en/latest/web_app_vb_user_manual.html#product-page

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