openIMIS has been used to manage a wide variety of health and social protection schemes, from small community-based insurance schemes to national social health insurance programs. Explore the examples below to learn more about how openIMIS is being implemented in countries around the world.

Health insurance


BEPHA uses openIMIS to manage health insurance schemes in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.


openIMIS is used in select facilities in the Central and North West regions of Cameroon to manage the business processes associated with Cameroon’s free HIV services program.


A mutual health organization in Danamadji has been trained to use openIMIS for beneficiary management, claims management and review, and reporting.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Nine mutuelles in South Kivu use openIMIS to manage enrollment, premium collection, identification and claims processing management.


A pilot project is exploring the use of openIMIS for voluntary health insurance schemes in Nouakchott and Brakna.


Nepal’s Health Insurance Board uses openIMIS to manage a National Social Health Insurance scheme in 76 of the country’s 77 districts.


A pilot project has set up openIMIS for a health insurance scheme in Gaya and Gothèye districts.


openIMIS is used to manage CHF Iliyoboreshwa (iCHF), a voluntary health insurance scheme implemented in 26 regions of mainland Tanzania.


The Government of Zanzibar is using openIMIS to support digitization of health data for 1.6 million residents.

Employment injury insurance


The Social Security Fund of Nepal uses openIMIS to manage an accident and disability insurance scheme for workers in the formal sector.



Cash transfers

The Gambia

The National Nutrition Agency used openIMIS to manage the largest cash distribution scheme in The Gambia’s history during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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