Some examples of additional costs to consider when using openIMIS are given below. The extent of these additional costs will very much depend on the size and scale of the implementation. Examples of cost drivers are:

  • Customization costs

  • Server hosting costs

  • Costs for computer hardware

  • Internet Connection

  • User training

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Customization costs

Depending on the functionalities, beyond what the latest version of openIMIS currently offers, required for your implementation of openIMIS, costs for software development will be incurred. The extent of the costs is solely dependent on the nature and extent of customization required.

Server hosting costs

Either virtual server (recurring cost) OR dedicated physical server (one-time cost)

  1. Server maintenance costs (for dedicated physical server):

  2. Database server costs:

  3. Server redundancy and backup costs.

Costs for computer hardware

  1. At health facilities (a mix of smartphones and computers).

  2. At scheme operator

Internet Connection

  1. 24x7 internet connection (plus backup connection) required at the openIMIS server hosting location and at scheme operator offices.

  2. Stable internet connection at health facilities.

User training

  1. Training of Trainers (ToT)



FAQ - Quels sont les coûts supplémentaires à prendre en compte lors de l’utilisation d’openIMIS ?