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Participants: (kindly only add your own names, not those of other participants)

Topic Proposals:

  • re-architecture of product GovStackSandbox:

    • Damian: Introduction into SolDevelo's work with Govstack and where he sees technical implications for openIMIS (based on SolDevelo experience as developers in both worlds)

    • Patrick Delcroix: Explain the necessary steps to get the Universal Cash Transfer example running, that we had worked on last year

    • Heidi Kuum: Introduction on her work on around the UCT use case

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  • What compliance testing means?

  • What score (% of tests passed) makes a BB compliant to GovStack?

  • Which BB is tested during a compliance testing?

  • Who makes the requests and who execute the business during the compliance testing?

  • Is there a standardized integration protocol (i.e. for payment systems) or each system has its own integration protocol (has different test cases/gherkin per protocol or there is a mediator that makes some standard ETL to custom)?

  • How the testing is managed (one-by-one or globally with one run)?

  • What’s the periodicity/limit of compliance testing (every new version of BB or once per period/year)?

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