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How to use this template

This template can be used to create a new page for a partner organisation under Repository of openIMIS Partners . Use it as follows:

  1. give it a name in the page title above. Keep the name short (e.g. WHO instead of World Health Organisation). This is better for generated reports with links to the partner page. You can specify the full name in the property table below.

  2. fill the property table:

    • Partner: full name of the organisation

    • Logo:

      • paste an image file of the organisation here in a good quality and preferably PNG or SVG formats. Most organisations provide logos for re-use which you can google with the name of the organisation and the word ‘logo’.

      • add a link to the organisations home-page to the image

    • Location: city, country

    • Summary: a (very) short summary of what the organisation does and maybe how it links to openIMIS. Most of them provide something useful on their homepage.

    • Roles: their roles (in one or two words) in the openIMIS initiative (preferably a link to a page from the Governance structure)

    • Projects: here you can list links to their openIMIS projects from the Project portfolio

  3. Fill the rest of the page with any information about the organisation that you find useful.

  4. Publish the page

  5. Tag the page with the appropriate tags (bottom right of the page) to make them appear in the relevant partner listings (e.g. partner-funding)

  6. if the organisation is a community that produces a digital public good that openIMIS interacts with, you might also fill the property table on software and un-hide it.


Please delete this how-to box, when you think you are done editing the page.

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Mercer Island, Seattle, USA


ModusBox is a software design, development and consultancy company. Its roots are in the microservices design and development world. It has deep expertise in the design and implementation of interoperable payments systems, and in connecting financial institutions to them. ModusBox has a long and intimate association with the Mojaloop Foundation: it was the main developer of the current instance of the Mojaloop system, and its senior employees continue to work as part of the Mojaloop Foundation to maintain and extend its functionality and reach, and to help and support implementations of the Mojaloop system.


Developers Committee


in connecting