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  • Server

  • Issue queue

  • Wiki page

  • Installation Manual

  • Next call

Discussion items





  • Server

  • Issue queue

  • Wiki page

  • readthedocs

  • Installation manual

  • Next call

  • Testing and dev instances to be placed on one server

  • Refreshing data on Demo version to be done per week to allow time for users to replicate their issues on the demo version

  • Provider is being approach by Saurav to remove restrictions on server to allow demo version to get operationalized

  • Jira issue queue:

    • Split into two: Service desk and IT team management queue

    • Draft suggestion to be placed on Jira queue and then follow up further with discussion on who is involved at what stage

    • Alex to explore with openLMIS group to see more examples of how Jira queues are organized

  • Saurav to translate latest draft of the wiki documentation structure under discussion and ensure access is given to all relevant people

  • readthedocs (markdown language/format is needed) - technical documents/user manuals to be placed here and then linked to Wiki. Saurav to set this up and provide access

  • Installational manual - uploaded already on github and can be linked now to readthedocs

  • Next call - intern from side of GIZ to join plus Patrick Ernst with Alicia as they would follow when Alicia is away. Work plan to be updated on where we stand and identify priorities till mid April. Friday 16th 8-9 am for next call. The quarterly report needs to be drafted.

Action items