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  • Background Insurance 4 Development Ideathon

  • Objectives

  • Methodology

  • Outcomes

Background Insurance 4 Development Ideathon

Over a 3-weeks long journey dedicated InsurTechs, insurers, Think Tanks and others joint forces to help solve challenges presented by three GIZ insurance projects: a flood insurance product for India, an artificial intelligence (AI) based health claims adjudication as a global good, and insuring Paraguayan beekeepers. 

Jointly organized by InsurLab Germany and GIZ with support of msg minnosphere, the virtual design sprint produced scalable solutions to insurance challenges faced in developing markets, leveraging technological innovations like AI, automatization, big data, remote sensing and IoT. Conducted digitally, the design sprint connected a very diverse range of experts from different countries to jointly work through the phases of (1) Understand, (2) Ideate, (3) Decide, (4) Prototype and (5) Test. More than 70 participants joined the final event on May 5th to learn about the solutions developed by the teams over the three weeks course and presented to a jury of experts from SwissRe, Insurlab Germany and GIZ.

Insurance 4 Devlopment Info-Package:

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nameInsurance 4 Development Ideathon_Info Package.pdf

Event on the InsurLab page:

Insurance 4 Development Ideathon | InsurLab Germany (


Millions of people in developing countries are being pushed into extreme poverty due to catastrophic health expenses. How can AI speed up and improve the health claim adjudication process in countries where it is needed the most?

The objective is to design a general framework to set up and package openIMIS AI as a Global Good for managing health insurance. The framework should enable a plug-and-play implementation of openIMIS AI in various country contexts.

Process & Methodology

  • 14th April (2:00 - 5:00 pm CEST)
    Kick off event : reverse pitch
    and 1 st sprint session

  • Week of 26th April
    Workshop I & II

  • 5th May (2:00 3:30 pm CEST)
    Final presentation of results

The teams were going through 5 phases:

1. Understand

2. Ideate

3. Decide on a solution

4. Prototype and test

5. Prepare for final pitch

Every phase has its own tools and methods that build on each other througout the ideathon. Descriptions to all methods and steps can be found in minnosphere‘s platform Joolia.

The team worked on the challenge on a conceptboard, especially designed for the challenge.

The link to the conceptboard can be found here:

AI-based health claims adjudication as a Global Good ‒ Conceptboard


The outcomes can be found in the following:

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nameAI-based health claims adjudication as a Global Good.pdf