WA5. Web Application configuration

openIMIS components: Web Application v1.3.0 and later. 

Implementation roles required: Implementer / IT Officer

The following sections present the configuration that can be done within openIMIS Web Application that is not insurance related configuration. 

Configure the Email settings 

When users forget their password and request a new password, an email is sent to validate the new credentials. 

In openIMIS, the following roles can change the email settings: IMIS Administrator, HF Administrator and Offline Administrator. 

To change the email settings, go to the menu Tools → Email Settings. 

The information in the following image is fictive. 

In the form (see image), enter the following information : 

Field name





The email address used to send emails. It will be used when connecting to the SMTP host.



The password of the email.

SMTP Host 


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) host (server) used to send an email on behalf of the email address. 



SMTP host's port to connect to. 

Enable SSL 


Checked if the SMTP host requires to use SSL connectivity. 

Please request to your email provider the SMTP server configuration for your email address used to send emails from openIMIS. 

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