About us!

Who is openIMIS and what we do?

We are a group of partners supporting and extending the reach of openIMIS globally. 

We are dedicated to working together towards the shared goal of improving health financing operations by digitalizing the link between patients, providers, and payers.

We continuously engaged in the openIMIS product development and its existing implementations through technical expertise, knowledge sharing, and financial contribution.

Why openIMIS?

Countries are increasingly seeking to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Universal Social Protection (USP) for their population. Interactions between stakeholders in health and social protection systems can be very complex and generate a lot of data. That is why Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can provide support and help to navigate a system for policy makers and users.

Unfortunately, existing ICT solutions are often expensive and difficult to maintain. With many countries not having sufficient technical and financial capacity to cope with complex ICT structures. Many health system related ICT projects have been focusing on data extraction, monitoring and evaluation in the recent years. What has been lacking is a tool addressing health financing interactions among the key stakeholders in a health care system.


As an open source product, openIMIS is a comprehensive and affordable tool, linking beneficiary, provider and payer data. openIMIS offers a simple and user friendly way to manage core processes from beneficiaries and patient registration to transmitting and verifying claims.

The openIMIS Initiative promotes global exchange around the openIMIS software and links global and local communities to the benefit of one another. The Initiative was founded and is collaboratively financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and German Development Cooperation (GDC).

The people of openIMIS

The aim of the global OpenIMIS Initiative is to create a software centred community, where different individuals and organisations at diverse levels are able to contribute to the development and implementation of the OpenIMIS product.

The following overview briefly describes the role of each instance:

  • Steering Group defines overall strategic direction
  • Product Group forms the core group of the openIMIS Initiative. It consists of:
    • Coordination Desk operationalizes defined strategic direction, administrates budgets and oversees the activities of the involved working groups.
    • Developers Committee develops, maintains and supports at global level the core of openIMIS
    • Implementers Committee supports at global level implementations regarding implementation steps, training material, requirements of business processes for openIMIS.
  • Technical Advisory Group (TAG) assesses the openIMIS Initiative evaluating strategic developments, proposes on system architecture and new functional requirements. The members of the TAG will be nominated by the Steering Group.
  • Implementation Consultants facilitates the outreach to the implementations in the countries and builds the link between global and local Community
  • Regional hubs provide support to the community on regional level as well as facilitates training and capacity development
    • Local support / Dev. Team provides direct support to the payers and providers


The openIMIS initiative is supported by over 20 partner organisations, and has received financial support from several major donors. Our partners provide valuable input into shaping our implementation and  technical priorities, as well as supporting  the ongoing expansion of openIMIS as an open-source community and product. We continuously rely on our strong network of ‘Trusted Partner’ for their technical expertise, leadership, and generous support.

More information on each partner as well as their role in openIMIS can be found in our wiki.