Software Business Case

The users of openIMIS are institutions paying for health care, e.g. health insurance funds or ministries of health.

  • Contribution to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Social Protection.
    More and more countries worldwide are aiming to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as well as Universal Social Protection (USP) for their populations. openIMIS contributes to advancing the UN Agenda 2030 of Leaving No One Behind by addressing the SDGs 1,3,9,10,16 & 17.

  • Enable Strategic Purchasing
    openIMIS is flexible and customizable for health systems moving towards UHC and strategic purchasing of services. By linking patient and provider data, it allows digital information flows and processing.

  • Apply different Health Financing scenarios

    • Health insurances schemes

    • National Health Systems (tax funded)

    • Output based financing: RBF and P4P

    • Voucher schemes

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