openIMIS Claims Mobile Application release notes

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2.0.0 (October 2019)

New user interface 
The user interface from the Policies app has been applied to the Claims application.

Integration of the Claims application with the new improved REST API
The REST API provides improved security for mobile applications. 

Enquire functionality is included in the application 
Now the enquiring can be done directly from the Claims application.

The initial data is automatically downloaded based on the Claim Administrator
When starting the application and after the Claim Administrator enters his code, the initial data (diagnoses, medical items, medical services, etc.) are automatically downloaded and stored in the local database.

Online claims synchronisation is now available
If the phone is connected to the Internet, the Claim Administrator will be able to submit the entered claims directly to the openIMIS central server.

Offline synchronisation password can be customized directly in the application 
New settings screen added to configure the offline RAR file password. The password needs to be the same on both Web Application and Policies application.

1.2.0 (October 2018) 

The official release of the Claims mobile application as a single component.