Claim searcher, filtering on insuree data

If the Claim module provides by default a "searcher" on id (of course this is not realistic... but this is not the point, here):

To enable filtering on insuree, without directly depending on the insuree module, we open the claim searcher for contributions.

extract of plugins/claims/ClaimsSearcher.js (React Component)

render() {


  return (

    <Paper className={classes.root}>

      <form id="claim-searcher-form" className={classes.container} noValidate autoComplete="off" >

        <Grid container>

          <ContributedComponent contributionKey="claims.claim.searcher" onChange={this.handleChange}>

            <Grid item xs={12}>

              <TextField label="Claim id" onChange={(e) => this.handleChange("id")(} className={classes.textField />










The ContributedComponent component is a openIMIS Web FE core component, that enables other plugins (modules) to contribute. In this example, the contribution key is claims.claim.searcher.

So the insuree plugin can contribute by implementing and insuree picker that provides a modal window (with own filtering mechanism) to select an insuree:

... and once selected, claim list can be filtered on insuree (making use of the dynamic REST API of backend):

If the insuree module contribute to claim searcher by providing a "filter on name" contribution instead of an insuree picker, the claim searcher will be adapted accordingly (without any modification on claim searcher itself):

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